• Foreign Corporation

    for Foreign Corporation

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    International transaction increased significantly caused by globalization. Correspondingly Tax advisory services by qualified tax accountants will also increased. Potentially the following challenges could arise.

    • Withholding income tax(application form for income tax convention, etc.)
    • Tax haven
    • Transfer pricing taxation
    • Thin capitalization rules, etc.

    We support the foreign company by an advisory contract or a spot contract in order to solve these problems.

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    International taxation issues for cross-border transactions are most often handled by the Big Four accounting firms. Our firm offers cross-border transaction support at a more reasonable rate than major accounting firms, enabling companies primarily in the inbound tourism industry to grow their Japanese businesses confidently.


  • Importing Corporation

    Importing Corporation

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    As for the importer, the point at issue which is more complicated than the normal companies such as accounts handling of drawing of the documentary bill or the tax audit by customs. We take the cooperation with a lawyer having a specialty regarding the tax audit by customs and claim for the correction of the consumption tax and we advise other special tax and accounting and perform an appropriate filing so you can concentrate on a main profession.

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    By the way, about the tax audit by customs, it is not admitted that a tax accountant acts for it legally by tax accountant law method Article 2. Therefore the cooperation with the lawyer performing the duties in a specialty is necessary.